Paul Won’t Support Republican Nominee

May 1, 2012

He claims to be a Republican (though he began as a Libertarian party member), but when it comes down to nut-cutting time, Congressman Ron Paul told Bloomberg TV today that he wouldn’t support Mitt Romney if Romney becomes the nominee.  At least, I have no other way of interpreting his hemming and hawing and mush-mouthed mumbling in answer to the question.

For the better part of a half hour, in a debate with socialist economist Paul Krugman (, Dr. Paul answered every question clearly and unequivocally, with no hesitation, no cut-the-deck qualifications – he knew what he wanted to say, and he said it.  But then, the question came, “if Romney wins the nomination, will you support him,” and what we heard was Gomer Pyle trying to explain how he’d come to dropping his rifle to Sergeant Carter … or Barney Fife trying to explain to Sheriff Taylor why his “unloaded” revolver just went off, blowing a hole in the jail-house roof.

It was crystal clear that Paul was not going to endorse Romney, nor even commit to supporting the Republican nomination.  And, as I wrote in a previous blog here (, about the risk of Ron Paul going rogue and throwing the election to Obama by default, those who really are committed to seeing Obama defeated have got to ask themselves what the wiry, scrappy, usually clear-minded Congressman from Texas is really up to.

And when you look at the behind-the-scenes machinations his campaign is taking in Nevada, Louisiana, Washington state and more than a dozen other states – moves all seemingly intent on disenfranchising voters who cast votes in state primaries or caucuses – all to find a parliamentary trick sufficiently potent to steal a nomination he cannot win – those who want to see Obama defeated REALLY need to take another look at where Congressman Paul stands – and what (if anything, other than victory at any cost) he stands for.

Ned Barnett – Nevada Conservative

Ned Barnett has worked in campaigns, and as a speechwriter to candidates and elected officials, since he was the “mascot” to the local Young Republicans in 1964 (Goldwater) – he has managed media and strategy for three state-level Presidential campaigns, and worked hand-in-glove with the legendary Lee Atwater in South Carolina in the Ford Campaign.  In 2009-10, as an active Tea Party supporter, he served as both the Clark County/Las Vegas and Nevada Republican Party Communications Director.  He owns Barnett Marketing Communications in Las Vegas, and provides a full range of PR, marketing, issues-management and fund-raising services for clients in Las Vegas, around the country, and in several other countries.  He can be reached at 702-561-1167 or …



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