Komen, Again …

April 14, 2012

Susan G. Komen For the Cure has quietly resumed funding for Planned Parenthood.  Clearly, they have lost their way, lost their soul, and … at least from me and my wife … lost their ability to attract donations from Clan Barnett.

Their name (should) say it all … “For the Cure” … but apparently, they are more interested in being politically-correct, and in the process, funding abortion.  They might say their funds given to Planned Parenthood are earmarked for breast cancer screening – but realistically, the funds set aside for screenings will only offset other dollars, which will be diverted back to killing unborn babies.

This highlights a larger issue – the risk any non-profit group takes when it steps into a political arena, for any reason.  This also applies to bringing in a spokesman for the group.  Either way, the non-profit’s reputation becomes tied to the reputation of the political cause or the spokesman. I wrote about this in an article – Going Too Far in a Good Cause – published in American Thinker last month: http://www.americanthinker.com/2012/03/going_too_far_in_a_good_cause.html .

Komen foolishly donated funds (for, presumably the legitimate purpose of underwriting breast exams) to a highly-polarized political organization.  While their intent was undoubtedly “pure,” the results are damning.  First, they made the mistake of tying themselves to Planned Parenthood. Then they made the mistake of severing ties (instead of just letting the grants run out).  This blew up into a major kerfuffle, leading to insincere apologies and much bad press (something I also addressed in another article about the “Apology-Gotcha Game” in American Thinker last month: http://www.americanthinker.com/2012/03/the_apology-gotcha_game.html).

But what’s really amazing is that, having been burnt black by the firestorm they created, Komen is now – barely a month later – jumping back into the furnace by resuming donations to Planned Parenthood.  Clearly, they didn’t learn their lesson.  And clearly, this is a group which no conservative who believes that abortion is wrong (let alone those of us who see it as nothing short of murder of unborn children) should ever again donate to. There are many worthy cancer-fighting groups which do NOT support abortion or Planned Parenthood – donate to them, instead.


Ned Barnett – Nevada Conservative



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    […] Komen decided to once again fund Planned Parenthood again – proving that some people never learn […]

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