Santorum Goes Too Far

March 22, 2012

Politics can be a dirty, nasty game – attacks can be vicious as people struggle to get on top, or stay on top. And sometimes, candidates either lose touch with reality, or they embrace arguments that are patently untrue – in their opportunism and their desperation, they go too far – and when they do so, they disqualify themselves. Sadly, Rick Santorum seems to have gone too far.

I’ve been active in politics for too long to get upset by something a candidate says in a moment of anger. But Rick Santorum has said it now, two days in a row, which means it wasn’t an accident, a mis-statement or something he wants to walk back.

He said, quite clearly, that … “Obama is better than Romney.”

Rick, you may be the more conservative candidate of those now running, but you’ve gone too far.

The AP reported on March 22nd that: “Presidential candidate Rick Santorum on Thursday said Republicans should give President Barack Obama another term if Santorum isn’t the GOP nominee.”

According to the AP – in a story also run on Fox News – Santorum reiterated an argument he has made before: He contends that the former Massachusetts governor is not conservative enough to offer voters a clear choice in the fall election, referring to Romney as: “someone who’s just going to be a little different than the person in there.”

Santorum added: “If they’re going to be a little different, we might as well stay with what we have instead of taking a risk of what may be the Etch A Sketch candidate for the future.”

As I said, Rick, you’ve gone too far.

No true conservative can honestly believe that any Republican, no matter how “RINO” he may seem, is worse than Obama.

No president since James Buchanan (the man who gave us the Civil War, largely deemed by historians to be America’s worst president) has done so much damage to America, and a second term would only make things worse.

No true conservative can honestly believe that Romney’s appointments to the courts would be worse than Obama.

No true conservative can honestly believe that Romney would spend his time apologizing to the world for America’s supposed faults.

No true conservative would believe that Romney would rule by Executive Order, stripping the Constitution away like peeling an onion.

Romney may not be the most conservative candidate on the platform, but Santorum is not “without sin.” For instance, he voted to fund the NEA, not once but repeatedly, and he has admitted that he voted for budget-busting Bush-43 legislation that was far from conservative, bills that violated his own conservative principles (suggesting that those principles are fungible, the charge he throws at Romney).

So, while he’s arguably more conservative than Romney, I believe that his contention that Romney is worse than Obama – and that Republicans should vote for Obama over Romney if he (Santorum) isn’t the candidate proves him to be hopelessly opportunistic, and, frankly, a traitor to his party. That’s harsh, but any Republican who urges other Republicans to vote for a Democrat (let alone Obama) is betraying his party, his principles and his country.

If he doesn’t believe this ridiculous assertion, he should disqualify himself for his dishonesty.

But if he actually believes that Romney is truly worse than Obama, and so bad that Republicans should vote for Obama if Romney wins the nomination, he’s lost touch with reality. That, too, should disqualify him.

It’s not too late to walk it back, but he’s got very little time left to do that before conservatives like me turn against him for his reckless opportunism.

Ned Barnett
Nevada Conservative



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