Guest Blog – We were hoping for Patton…Instead we got Eisenhower

April 25, 2012

Editor’s Note – this Guest Blog is by Phil Anderson – Phil and I worked together in the Clark County Republican Party in 2009-2010 (Tea Party Time!) – he’s a great guy and a true conservative, and founder of, a business that builds websites for down-ticket conservative political candidates.  Ned Barnett – Nevada Conservative

We were hoping for Patton…Instead we got Eisenhower – By Phil Anderson

It appears Mitt Romney will win the Republican nomination for President of the United States. And with that a shrug of the shoulders and an intense desire to fall asleep gripped the more Conservative factions of the  Republican Party. But is it the wrong choice…really… or is it the right choice at the right place at the right time?

Mitt Romney is as exciting as oatmeal and some of his positions are…to say the least…concerning. Romney Care, support of NDAA and bailouts…blah…blah…blahblahblahblah. Show me anyone who has not made a change of position on a public decision and I will show you an unapologetic ideologue. We have that in the White House already…do we need another?

When it comes right down to it I agree with Mr. Romney about 60 to 65 percent of the time. Ok…not a great percentage until you consider that “winning” is calculated at 51 per cent. And Conservatives we can now put our efforts into electing people favoring our political philosophy into flipping the Senate, holding onto the House, electing Governors and more importantly developing the farm team at the state legislative levels.

Back to Romney…OK he is a milktoast. But look at his tract record IN BUSINESS. The guy knows how to turn things around. Yes some will say “look at the business failures he had…he CLOSED some of his acquisitions and put people out of work”. Yah…and I want a guy like that running the country at this point in time. I want someone who looks at departments or programs and says “we regret to inform you that your services are no longer needed”. Like Eisenhower, Romney is a master logistician, he can look at the behemoth called the federal government  and say move this, cut that, put this man here and that woman there, restructure all these things and get this massive ship of state turning and going in the right direction.

For those of us on the right that wanted a Patton…remember this. Patton with his bold moves could have ended WWII sooner…but he could have lost it sooner just as easily… consider, he ran out of gas twice.

Phil Anderson




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