Fair Tax in Northwestern Nevada – Guest Blog

March 25, 2012

This is a guest blog written by John Vettel, an activist in NW Nevada, used with John’s permission. This is part of my effort to cover all of Nevada, not just Clark County (Las Vegas)  – which has 70% of the state and sometimes thinks it IS the state …  Also, this does not represent my endorsement of the Fair Tax.  Like many conservatives, I want to see our current tax structure replaced, and the place to begin is to foster discussions about several viable alternatives, including the Fair Tax.  I’m posting this guest blog to try and do just that.

Ned Barnett, Nevada Conservative


If you live in Northwestern Nevada, this message is for you.

Have your written your Congress Critters about the Fair Tax, and received a canned letter saying they support tax reform?  Do you get the impression that they really don’t know a damned thing about the Fair Tax?  Well, that’s my impression.

My name is John Vettel, and I’m committed to waking these folks up to the fact that the people that elected them are tired of lip service about “Tax Reform!”  We want a Brand-New tax system, and it’s called “The Fair Tax!”

I believe that we need to raise a groundswell in the Reno-Carson area for The Fair Tax, and want to get together with others of the same mind to put together a plan to make that happen.  I know there are folks in the Reno-Carson area who feel the same way.  The Fair Tax is just too good to ignore – too good to not implement – and we need to do that NOW…. not in five or ten years!.

We have been plagued by this abomination that we all a Federal Income Tax system far too long, and it’s time we let people know about The Fair Tax and began motivating our elected officials to support it.  To do that, we need to get enough people behind it that these folks we elected will know that they must either sponsor the legislation or risk being replaced by someone who will.  And I think we can do that!

But it won’t happen without a plan, and it’s up to us to put one together for this area of Nevada.
End-Note – if you’re interested in the Fair Tax and you’re in NW Nevada, you can contact John Vettel at John@RyansDad.com,



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