Arab Spring Heats Up – Islamic Necrophilia Law Debated in Egypt

April 27, 2012

When Egypt erupted in violence last year, the Adminstration (and a lot of people who really should have known better) seemed to assume that we would see the flourishing of secular democracy – much as Turkey enjoyed during much of the 20th Century – that would give rights not only to the downtrodden, but to women, minority Christian groups, and others.  Wiser heads predicted that he Muslim Brotherhood – a frequently violent radical Islamist group and the only organized opposition – would seize control and begin imposing the most extreme Sharia restrictions as the law of the land.

Sure enough, despite all the soothing blandishments from the Obama Administration, the mainstream liberal media and the far Left’s “never wrong” pundits, the Egyptian parliament – even as Egyptian street thugs burn Christian churches and terrorize members of the Christian minority – is now debating laws to strip women of the right to education and the right to participate in politics.  However, it gets worse than that. Based on the religious finding of some Islamic “spiritual leader” published a year or two ago, Egypt is poised to enact a law that would give husbands the right to engage in intercourse with their recently-dead wives for up to six hours after they die.  To be fair, it seems that women may also “enjoy” that right – though how they can get their dead husbands to rise to the occasion is beyond me.

That necrophilia is approved by Islamic fundamentalist beliefs is – to my mind (and I admit that I’m biased) – sick beyond belief.  That the Egyptian government would enshrine the legal right to necrophilia into Egyptian law, even as women are being stripped of the right to vote or to even receive a basic education – well, that pretty much says it all about “Arab Spring.”

I wonder if this – finally – will be enough of an insult to women the world over for the liberal Feminist/Women’s Rights movement groups like NOW to finally take a stand against Islamic abuses of women.  I’d like to think so, but I strongly suspect that the same women who decided that Clinton should get one free pass in abusing women (as long as he stopped if they said “stop”) will decide that those Muslims aren’t so bad, especially if they still cheer Obama when he stops by to apologize again.

One last thought.  We give Egypt billions of dollars in foreign aid.  Once they enshrine necrophilia into law – once they block women from the right to an education and the right to vote – will we still give them billions of dollars in foreign aid?  If I was a betting man, I’d say (sadly) yes.



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