A New Patriotic Foundation – Helping Veterans and Serving Members with Housing

April 22, 2012

A strong conservative business owner and entrepreneur here in Las Vegas, Michael Mirolla – who was Finance Director of the Clark County Republican Party in 2009-2010, at a time when I was the county party’s Communications Director –  has just brought a new not-for-profit to my attention, one that deals with a very worthy cause – helping veterans and active duty members of our military with affordable housing.  The Residents for Patriots Foundation – http://www.residenceforpatriots.org/.

Michael wrote to me, explaining the Foundation:  “I have started a wonderful 501 3 (c), Residence For Patriots Foundation – our organization provides discounted-to-market housing to both active duty military and veterans.”

From the Foundation’s website, you can learn more about this group’s important, patriotic mission:  “The stars and strips are aligned. We asked our men and women to fight for our freedom and promised them an exit strategy. They are back with heads full of terror, unable to adjust to civilian life with no jobs or future. Families that lost them, not only for the time they were deployed defending us, but also now may have lost them because the stress of PTSD has not been properly dealt with. They have no homes; are losing or have lost their homes. They have nowhere to turn.  Where is their country?  They need housing, jobs and support to help them find their way back into society.

“These are the sons and daughters taking a responsible roll in our system to keep America free. Allowing and encouraging them to do this daunting task that has to be done. Protecting the people, the American way of life.

“The banks have thousands of homes that are being lost; neighborhoods that are decaying that can be rehabilitated by and for our troops. Teach them how to repair, put them in classes offering training in construction, book keeping and all of the jobs that are associated with business around the rebuilding of these once vibrant communities. There are schools that have funding to train these soldiers and give them a trade, to keep them focused on a hard days work rather than worrying about how they will have to survive without an income to support their families. It’s time that America fulfills its promise.

“The banks have the properties that need and exit strategy, to bring life back to the communities. We can create jobs by rebuilding these neighborhoods while providing homes for our Military. With this project of development and restoration we can bring revenue back to the cities while stopping the further decay that is happening in these blighted neighborhoods. Creating jobs and bringing life back into these neighborhoods turns on the lights, the water, the gas, the need for local stores and the tax base but most important, brings back smiles to the faces of these dedicated families that have given dearly for our freedom.

“Join us in this fight for repairing the health and well being of the families that have given us the right to live in a free world.  We are asking Americans and Corporations to step up for our cause to bring back what has made this Nation what it is and will always be, a Nation of people for the people and by the people.”

As someone who has known and respected (and truly liked) Michael Mirolla for half a decade – who’s worked with him on strong conservative causes as well as helping to support the Republican Party, I can wholeheartedly endorse this organization and it’s mission.  If you feel that our veterans and serving members of our Armed Forces deserve this kind of help, please contact Michael and explore ways of supporting this Foundation, and the people it serves.

Ned Barnett – Nevada Conservative

For those who want to get more information about Residence For Patriots Foundation (http://www.residenceforpatriots.org/), you can contact Michael N. Mirolla – 702.221.5637 – MMirolla@residenceforpatriots.org



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